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    We are about social inclusion, understanding social situations beyond our church and the practical demonstration of Christ’s love in the world. We are about social transformation, challenging injustice in the world, and radical inclusion and welcome.

    The Reverend Chris Rowberry and the family of St John's are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to all of our parishioners and visitors.

    St John's was built in 1874 and this beautiful Victorian church offers a variety of Services and community facilities through its Underhill Centre.

    Whilst most services are based on Common Worship, including Said and Sung Eucharists and a monthly Family service on the 3rd Sunday, we also hold an informal evening Communion service on the 1st Sunday at 6.30pm called Sunset Cafe on the Emmaus Road which includes supper. Children are welcome to participate in our Godly Play-based Sunday School that runs in parallel with the 9.45 service on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays.

    We also have an exciting 'Messy Church'-inspired service called 945@9.45 on the 1st Sunday of the month that combines activities suitable for all ages with a short communion service.  Why not come and experience 'church' in a different way?

    Our Parish Office would be pleased to answer any questions you might have particularly concerning Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.

    A Prayer of Gratitude

    Prayer is sitting in the silence until it silences us, choosing gratitude until we are grateful, and praising God until we ourselves are an act of praise. Mature prayer always breaks into gratitude. This week’s practice is a body prayer from Beverly Lanzetta. Adapt the movements to your body’s needs so that you’re comfortable. Focus simply on the feeling of gratitude and, as you are able, do the following as you read through the stanzas: bow, kneel, lie down, rise, put your hands over your heart, place your hands together, bow your head, and open your arms wide.

    Holy Earth, Holy Cosmos,
    I bow before you
    With my whole being.

    Holy Creatures, Holy Nature,
    I kneel upon the earth
    In honor and thanksgiving
    Of your blessed bounty.

    Holy Waters, Holy Mountains,
    I lay my body on your temple
    In gratefulness for nurturing
    My tender soul.

    Holy Passion, Holy Longing,
    I rise up before you
    A devotee of truth,
    Following wherever you lead me.

    Holy Silence, Holy Solitude,
    I place my hands over my heart
    Breathing in serenity,
    Breathing out your peace.

    Holy Sorrow, Holy Suffering,
    I close my hands in prayer
    May I bear every wound
    With compassion and nonharm.

    Holy Humility, Holy Emptiness,
    I bow my head before you
    I have become open,
    For your All to shine in my soul.

    Holy Freedom, Holy Rejoicing,
    I open my heart to the world
    Offering myself to this day,
    In joyfulness and gratitude.

    Amen. [1]

    [1] Beverly Lanzetta, "Canticle of Praise", A Feast of Prayers (Blue Sapphire Books: forthcoming 2019). Used with permission. Dr. Beverly Lanzetta is a theologian, spiritual teacher, and the author of many groundbreaking books on emerging universal spirituality and new monasticism as well as a vowed monk of peace living in the world. For more information on Lanzetta and her work, visit her website beverlylanzetta.net.

    The above was taken from Richard Rohrs blogg.

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