St John's Parish Plan (P Plan)

St John's Church began the journey of looking at the P Plan by engaging with the Lent course in 2014 and 2015.  The 2015 course was delivered by several home groups, a church based group and some individual work.  Groups were asked to identify from their discussions several areas of potential development for the P Plan.  These were:

a - We are about social inclusion

A development of a safe space for those who are existing careers to meet and network; this was seen as being an extension of the existing Friday Café in the Underhill Centre.

b - We are about understanding social situations beyond our church

In the past the church has given its harvest produce to St James Night Shelter. The PCC has agreed to develop deeper links with what happens there and facilitate an on going support of food (weekly) and a deepening understanding of what the wider role of St James and homelessness is about.  (There has also been some discussion about support for FLEDGE but this is on going)

c - We are about the practical demonstration of Christ’s love in the world

Evangelism is related to the practicalities of visibility and that the power and love of Jesus Christ was expressed in a healing ministry.  A Healing on the Streets group (HOTS) should be explored through the ecumenical Churches Together in Botley, Hedge End and West End. This group is now set up.

d - We are about social transformation

As such have a valuable resource in the Underhill Centre that could be developed to engage the wider community. There is already a wildlife haven and various “social activities” but that the centre could be developed further, ideas include.

  1. A café that is open more to the public – one idea would be to explore partner working with an agency who have care for people with learning disabilities.
  2. An existing open group has been brewing their own beer and have expressed some interest in the possibility of developing a micro brewery in the centre undercoft. (possibility of licensing)
  3. Using the kitchen and coffee bar more as a commercial bistro – there are a number of good cooks/previous professional chefs in the congregation.

e - We are about challenging injustice in the world

St John's has a particular heart for what is happening to the Palestinian people in Gaza and The West Bank (and Nicaragua).

We have close links with the Amos Trust. We recognise the need for prayer campaigning and change.

f - We are about radical inclusion and welcome


Ministry Team and PCC of St John the Evangalist Church, Hedge End

November 2015