Using the P Plan

One of the current things I am working on is an application for a Silver Award from the Eco Church, which is linked with one of the Archbishops’ council’s five marks of mission – Integrity of creation – and whilst the environment is key to this it is not the only criteria to be considered.

As I am sure you know we have a St John’s P-Plan (Parish Plan) that was born from the Lent groups in 2015 and 2016.  There are a number of areas that we agreed we would concentrate on:

  • Work at an ecumenical level to develop a Healing on the Streets (HOTS) group.
  • Regular collections for the St James Centre (rather than once a year at harvest) with a commitment to developing a relationship and understanding of what St James night shelter does.
  • The development of a Careers Café, eg, an open space meeting area for people who are carers of others, to network, offer and receive support and meet socially.
  • To develop the downstairs of the Underhill Centre into a community café that would develop its provision, over a number of years, to providing organic, locally-sourced food, its own beer (micro brewery), all to a restaurant standard and the possibility of using the site for a small local market, providing social classes (eg, cooking on a budget) and an Internet hub.
  • A greater commitment to inclusivity – St Johns church is in process of becoming a member of the inclusive church network.
  • A commitment to campaigning in areas of peace and justice, particularly around the Palestinian Territory through links with the Amos Trust and Christian Aid.

I think that I would also add an umbrella one – working for the integrity of creation.

I am writing to ask that we consider how our fundraising and our outreach (social events) reflect these areas?

When we are considering putting on events I would hope that we might be guided by the Parish Plan so that it becomes something that is an active rather than passive document.

I would be grateful if each of the groups at St John’s might consider how this fits in with what we are doing now and what we might consider doing in the future.


  • The Mothers Union has recently decided to buy the bibles for the baptisms, which is clearly something about welcome and outreach.
  • Joel’s visit through the Amos Trust and Garth’s concert.
  • Dave Tomlinson’ s talk – How to be a Bad Christian
  • Clive Leonards talk – Space and religion
  • Queens / Wildlife haven celebration

Some events are just about year time celebrations and possibly might have a focus so we might have combined Joel’s visit with our harvest, linking the integrity of creation with the water conservation work that the Amos Trust is doing with Joel in Nicaragua.

I think that the more we try to integrate our planning the more we will be able to focus around the P Plan

Rev Chris Rowberry

31 October 2016