St John's Big Christmas Card

Each Christmas, we raise money for the Children's Society, collecting donations in return for adding names to our 'Big Christmas card', which is displayed in the church over the Christmas period.  The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting impact on everyday life has meant that this year, rather than collecting donations after our Sunday service, we are asking that donations are paid directly to the Children's Society instead.

We will still be displaying the Big Christmas Card in the church over the Christmas period so please let us know if you have made a donation to the Children's Society by sending an email to or leaving a message on 01489 790048 so we can add your name to the card.

The easiest way to make a one-off or monthly donation to the Children's Society is via their donations page:

Alternatively you can send cheques to:

The Children’s Society
50 Banner Street

Please see the Children's Society website for more information about what they do and details on other ways to donate.