St John's Prayer Wall

Welcome to St John's prayer wall.  Normally, visitors to St John's are welcome to write in the prayer book kept in the prayer area of the church.  Now that access to the church is limited, we would like to invite you to instead add your prayer requests to our virtual prayer wall.

To submit prayers to be included on the prayer wall, please either

Please do not include any information that identifies people, for instance just use first names.  We reserve the right to not add a prayer to our wall if we feel it might be inappropriate to do so.    

We need to read all prayer requests before we can add them to the wall so it may take a day or two before they appear.

  1. We remember everyone that has lost their lives serving their country and pray for the families they have left behind.
    • 8 November 2020
  2. We pray for the United States, the new President- elect and his team.
    • 8 November 2020
  3. Pray for everyone that now finds themselves under increased lockdown conditions once again.  Let the new restrictions be effective in reversing the rise in the number of people catching coronavirus so they can be eased as soon as possible.
    • 19 October 2020
  4. Pray for all students at universities, especially those away from their family and friends for the first time, that now find their movements restricted and opportunities to meet face to face with their tutors and to meet new friends limited.
    • 26 September 2020
  5. Protect the vulnerable as our country starts to see cases of coronavirus rise steeply once more.
    • 19 September 2020
  6. We think of all those in areas of the UK and across the world that find themselves under lockdown again in an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus.
    • 19 September 2020
  7. We pray for all those returning to or starting school,  college or university.
    • 4 September 2020
  8. Pray for all those that have recently recieved or are about to recieve their exam results.   Where doors have been closed let new doors be opened.
    • 18 August 2020
  9. Please pray for Peter who is seriously ill in QA Hospital Portsmouth.
    • 3 August 2020
  10. Please pray for Donna & James.
    • 2 August 2020
  11. Please pray for Nell who has had a fall and broken her hip. She is in hospital.
    • 2 August 2020
  12. I am crying for prayers, I am so tired, physically, mentally and emotionally, I don't know what to do anymore.
    • Please help my son Dan business be successful and prosperous
    • Please help us sell our condo quickly and move to smaller unit, it's too much financially draining us completely, I cannot handle it anymore, I am extremely depressed.
    • Please help Dan and Mark, his brother be very close to each other.
    • Help Dan and his girlfriend get married and have a wonderful relationship.
    • I am over 70 years old and my husband is 76
    • 29 July 2020
  13. We pray for those who have had their breaks to Spain disrupted by the reintroduction of quarantine restrictions and last minute cancellations.  We also pray for the affected areas of Spain and those that live there that the rise in infections can be contained quickly. 
    • 26 July 2020
  14. We pray for people everywhere that have found themselves without a job.  We pray that the economy can bounce back stronger than before creating new opportunities for all those looking for work. 
    • 25 July 2020
  15. Businesses everywhere, big and small that are struggling as a result of months of lockdown.  We pray that they are able to survive the downturn and do so without people losing their jobs. 
    • 25 July 2020
  16. We pray for Christians everywhere who know You, that their faith will remain strong. We pray for those who do not yet know You, that they will find Your love for all people.
    • 29 June 2020
  17. We pray for all care homes including the Grange, the Maypole and Bonhomie, here in Hedge End.
    • 29 June 2020
  18. Everyone working in hospitals and care homes.
    • 28 June 2020