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St John's Church, Hedge End, has joined TerraCycle, an initiative to recycle plastic based items that are not currently easily recycled by local councils.

After the current crisis is over, we will have collection boxes at the Church.  Until then if you have:

  • Pet food pouches or bags,
  • Ella baby food pouches and snack packets,
  • Laundry plastic packets and air fresheners,
  • Plastic bread bags,
  • Plastic soap dispensers,
  • Toothpaste tubes, floss dispensers or toothbrushes, 
  • Plastic confectionery bags,
  • Crisp packets.
  • Bayliss and Harding dispenser pumps*
  • Carex pumps and refill pouches*
  • Plastic ring carriers (the things packs of drinks cans are held together with)*
  • Babybel wrapping*
  • Cheese blocks packaging*
  • Ferrero Rocher wrapping,  plastic boxes and trays*


Please leave in the blue bin outside the Church porch.  Detailed lists are attached to the door.

Sorry, we cannot accept Tetra Pak packaging at the moment.  Please use your green recycling bin at home for items that can be processed by the council. 

Thank you

* We are an official collection site for theses items,  which means we get points redeemable for monetary donations towards our chosen charity, Yellow Door.